Saturday, 26 February 2011

Will I get enough points to get to Varsity ?

To get your matric (National Senior Certificate), you need a minimum of :

- 30 % in Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, first additional Language and one subject (elective)
- 40 % in Vernacular, Life Orientation and 2 subjects (electives)

Your matric result will tell if you are eligible for a bachelor degree, a diploma or a higher certificate. You need :

- for a Bachelor degree : at least 50 % in 4 subjects and a number of points (according to the studies you want to do)
- for a Diploma : at least 40 % in 4 subjects and a number of points (according to the studies you want to do)
- for a Higher certificate : you might need a minimum % in some subjects (according to the studies you want to do)

How do I calculate my points ?

To make the things easy...the system of points is not the same at all universities !
So must check on these websites how to calculate your points for the studies of your choice :

-UJ : - click on Prospectus

-Wits :

-Tshwane University of technology :

- Vaal :

- Univ. of Pretoria :

Example : the “admission point score” (APS).At UJ, you need a minimum of APS (the sum of results for your 7 school subject) and a minimum of point for each subject.

- For a national diploma in biotechnology, you need a APS of 25 points and a minimum of 4 points in 6 subjects, including physical and life sciences. You can have 3 points in your second language.

To calculate your APS score, you must translate your school marks translation in points

80-100 % = 7 points
70-79 % = 6
60-69 % = 5
50-59 % 4
40-49 % 3
30-39 % 2
0-29 % 1

Example : if you achieved 65 % in First language, you get 5 points. If you achieved 54 %, you get 4 points....

Important : Life Orientation must be divided by TWO in the calculation of the APS rating. If you achieved 54 % in Life orientation, you get 2 points.

Our advice :

- Go to an internet cafe and check on Universities websites the minimum points you need for the studies of your choice. Check if you have a fair chance to get the points requested and which are the important subjects you need to prioritize.

-Be realistic about what you can achieve. If you are weak in math and sciences, your chance to do an engineering degree is very low. Or you will have really to work hard this year !

-When you register at Varsities, you must give your Grade 11 results. But except for medical faculties, the final decision of admission is taken, according to your Matric results.

-even if you get the minimum points requested, you might not be accepted into the programme of your choice, due to the limited number of places. So don’t wait the last moment to apply !

- To get the points requested for the studies of your choice does not mean you will be admitted. There are many more applicants than places available : higher your marks are, better your chance.

Set your own goals : work harder on the subjects for which you need good marks !

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