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Bursaries and scholarships

A bursary is a gift. You do not need to repay it. However there are usually conditions attached to bursaries. For instance, you will have to work for the company who gave you the bursary for at least the same number of years that it took to get your qualification. Some bursaries only pay for your tuition or part of it and others cover all your expenses, including accommodation, books, computer and travel costs.
Bursaries may be awarded on the basis of academic performance, financial neediness and/or a wide range of other criteria

Where do I find information ?

You can find a list of bursaries available on most University websites or on – click on bursaries

You can also find information at the financial bureau of Universities or at the BHP Billiton Career Centre at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, in Newton (city centre) - Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm - Saturday :9am-13pm . They will have a copy of “The Bursary Register”, a booklet which contain very useful information and a list of most bursaries available
Merit bursaries

They are given by universities (check on their websites) according to your academic results. You do not need to apply for them. They are awarded automatically to first year students who excel in Grade 12 and to undergraduate students who excel in their field of study

The amount of the bursary is deducted from the student’s fee account. It vary according to the learner’s results. Some cover tuition, accommodation and a amount in cash.

Example : at UJ, you need to have a APS of at least 39 points to get a 30 % bursary and 46 points to get a 100 % bursary. Wits give bursaries to students who got at least one distinction (80 % or more).

Most universities offer also sports bursaries to students who have represented their
province or South Africa in a sport. Others offer cultural bursaries or leadership
bursaries to students who have excelled in art or drama, or who served on the
Students Representative Council of their schools

The government offers bursaries to become a teacher ( or a social worker ( – go to social work scholarship on the left). Parastatals (Eskom) and other public institutions (like the Weather bureau) offer also bursaries
Companies bursaries (De Beers, Vodacom, etc) are the most generous. Most of them pay bursaries for Engineering or Commerce studies.
Some also provide students with paid vacation work, graduate training and other attractive career-building schemes
Anglo platinum offers even a “Exposure Year bursary” : you spend a full year with the Company after Matric. You will know more about your chosen career and the world of work before you start your studies and you will have more chance to succeed as you will get life-skills development and correspondence study through UNISA
What do you need to get a bursary ?
Bursaries are available, but competition is tough!
You need to have very good results (above 65 %) to have a chance to get a bursary. Your personality will also be assessed (communication skills, self confidence, leadership potential, etc).
Where can I get help ?
Career wise (Parktown) - 011 484 75 05 – They select applicants for a range of bursaries for engineering and other all disciplines
deadline to register : May 31. Download the application form :
How do I apply for a bursary ?

The application letter and form are your first impression. They are the most important part of
the whole process. And competition for funding is fierce!
-Make sure that you satisfy the requirements of a particular scheme. For example, don’t apply
for bursaries with conditions that don’t suit you or your study choice
- Your applications will probably have to be accompanied by supporting documentation such as payslips or proof of income, copies of grade 11 or 12 results, testimonials from your school and proof of identification.
All of these documents will need to be copied and certified at a PoliceStation or Post office.
Give yourself plenty of time to fill in an application for a bursary!
• read all accompanying documents carefully;
• ask for help if you get stuck;
• answer all questions (institutions ask questions because they need certain information);
• always tell the truth; and
• print legibly (clearly) on your form.

Selectors receive hundreds of applications. Yours should be the neatest,
cleanest and most impressive

Scholarship are awarded to Matric students who achieved distinctions or outstanding results in their school. It covers all your cost of tuition and you do not need to repay anything. Most of the time, there are no employment conditions attached.
The Vincent Tshabalala Trust Fund awarded 10 scholarships to Alexandra top students (in 2010, 8 received R30 000 and 2 got R50 000). ). The R50 000 bursary is divided into R26 000 for tuition, R11 000 for Accommodation, R4 000 and R9 000 for spending money. The fund is sponsored by Alexandra Forbes and Old Mutual
The Gauteng City Region Academy gives scholarship (40 000 rands in 2010) to top students of Alexandra. ( / 011 556 9000). If you are in the top 3 of your school, check with them
ELB Educational Trust – engineering degree program - Mollo Ramollo -2711 772 1547 - 082 066 0560

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