Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Feed back on our career expo, on June 4th

“I love doing it. Some of the students asked for some information, which I have emailed to them” -Daphne Mphaga (marketing)

‘It was as amazing experience interacting with the learners (...). It was also great to see so many young people taking initiative by making sure that they make informed decisions about their future.. I truly learnt a lot as well. Ayanda Mubima (attorney)
“It was a great experience and was very informative for both the learners and us aswell.I think one of the best questions I was asked by a learner was: " If I have a choice which one is better for my career and future in IT: going to University or going to a certification college?" My response was that (...) a university is a much better long term choice than a 6 month or 1 year certification at a college because of the greater variety of courses offered at university”. JP Mubima Sandy (IT)
It makes me sleep better at night getting involved with this type of work. Looking forward to a bigger event next year as per all our wishes, sponsored by some company.Lungi Maminza (Senior Manager PWC)
The learners learned a lot and had fun. Keep up the good work mentoring and hope I can assist in the future. Johnny Rizos -South African National Space Agency
Iit was quite an experience, we are planning to write an article on it -Rudy Perterson, UJ
I have really enjoyed talking to the learners. The questions from learners were so impressive.Steven Kekana -Tshwane University of Technology
It was very successful and many learners who didn’t know about CIDA are now exposed to the opportunities that CIDA offers. Violet Mohotloane (Cida campus)
And I love this one…

I popped into two of the sessions yesterday and found the presentations very interesting, and the guys managed to get the students enthused. The students also asked good questions.
The French lady (wearing a pink jersey) running around with her camera seems to have done a really good job sourcing speakers. Well done to the whole crew - I know how much work it is!” Lynn Moony -Careers Counsellort -St Mary's School

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Daphne said...

This is a lovely program, we need more of these for our future leaders :-)