Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How do I apply to UJ ?

If your dream is to go to UJ next year, you need to apply before 31 October. The soonest you do it, the better....You can apply by mail, fax, online or go to UJ.

- you must complete ALL compulsory fields ;
- you need a certified copies of your final Grade 11 results and ID
- The cost of the application is R350 (+ 750 R if you applies for a residence)
- don’t forget your cellphone number. If you post or fax your application, UJ will send you by SMS your student number.
How do I know if I am accepted ?
After 2 to 4 weeks, you will receive a letter from UJ. You can also check online ( You will get :
-a “ conditional acceptance” : final acceptance depends on your Matric results.
- a “non acceptance” : don’t be depressed ! You can still reapply in January, according to your Matric results (also at Vaal and Tshwane University).

-What must I do in January ?

- Go to UJ the day it reopens (check the date before December holidays), if possible with a member of your family or anyone who can help you…
- Check on internet which campus you need to go. For instance, for mechanical engineering, you must go to Kingsway for a Degree but to Doornfontein for a national diploma.
- Show your matric results to the head of the department where you want to study. If they are good, he/she will put a stamp on your registration form, proving that you have been admitted. If your results are not good enough, ask for advice : you can always reapply for another degree, a national diploma or an “extended diploma” (with a preparatory year)... as long as there is space ! If friends (and even staff members) say a degree/diploma is full, check YOURSELF with the department if it is true...
- Do not waste time : It is “first come, first served” and the queues are long !

Registration: If you have been accepted, you need to register before end January (check the registration date of your Faculty). You need to pay the registration fee, except if you have secured a a NSFAS loan.

UJ’s Call Centre on 0861 00 00 UJ (85) or 011 559 4555

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