Sunday, 27 November 2011

The 2011 mentees survey

We asked our mentees to complete an anonymous survey. Out of the 17 mentees who returned it, 35 % had a close relationship with their mentors (they met more than 6 times) ; 35 % met them between 3 and 6 times and 30 % less than 3 times . In one case, the mentor only joined the program in September. 4 mentees were left in the cold, in May and June, without being informed by their mentors (one left the country) who "did not leave them with someone to guide us".

Half of the mentee had SA mentors,  half  had foreigners (or both).

The help they got from mentors :
-Career guidance (14 out of 15)

- attending open days and career exhibition (9) and meeting professionals (1)
-helping with registration (8), bursary application (4), NFSAS application (3),
-school work (4)

The fun they had
12 mentors, out of 15, took their mentees on outings. Mentees enjoyed the most : outdoors (2 -"to experience things that other people enjoy"), restaurant (2), zoo lake (2 "it helps me relax my mind gives me an inspiration to success", we had fun a lot"), movies (2), soccer match (3 "I enjoy sport, it keeps me busy outside school and studying").

Mentees do not know this blog !
Out of the 17 mentees, 15 went on websites to get information about their studies, half of them with the help of their mentors. Only 3 mentees have access to internet at home. They use internet at school (9) or/and internet cafe (5). 3 mentees had only access to internet on their mentor laptop. Most of the learners also read the "tips for matric" published in the local newspaper "Alex Pioneer" (written by Valerie) but none of them used tips and information published on this blog !!

Low registration !!!
Among the mentees, 8 knew already what they wanted to study and sticked to it , 4 changed ther mind, and 5 did not know what to study. What is surprising is that 11 had still not applied for any tertiary education, in September/October. 3 had applied for a degree at Varsity and 2 at a private college.

In the previous year, the majority of the mentees had applied at least for a national diploma This year, the marks of our learners were very low and Linda decided to pay the UJ application only for those who had a chance to be admitted. Unfortunately, some wait the last minute and some courses were already full, before the 31 October deadline for application ! Linda had to take back a few applications that she brought herself to UJ. It is the first time it happens !

Most benefit of the program…
14 youngsters said the mentorship program helped them to "study harder", 13 to "believe in myself", 6 "to be less shy", 5 "to assert myself in my family" and for 1 mentee, "it did not make any difference".
14 mentees hope "to keep in touch with my mentor next year".

Only 5 mentors had contact with their family.

but some had complains :
5 mentors drop their mentees during the school year, 3 did not return their calls/sms ; 1 was too busy ; 1 did not get help to fill applications ; 1 mentor did not know much about career and studies

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