Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some good advices

Sammy Matsebula is a ex-cop and convicted criminal who brings school kids to visit the Leeuwkop prison, in Sunninghill. Here are the advices provided to learners by two detainees, Thami Richard Alphame and Siphiwe Ndlovu (convicted for robberies and rape):

-          Self discipline  and commitment : Be committed to your studies. Let the books be your friends ;

-          Wisdom : say “no” to drug, crime, sex at a early age because you can foresee the dangers ;

-          Choose your friends : do not run away from your friends because they spent time at the library, instead of partying  ! Your bad friends will not visit your in prison ;

-          Do not feel sorry for yourself : do not think that your are somebody’s failure or that you can do everything you want, because your Mum passed away ;

-          Do not get bully or try to impress your friends, by kissing girls, fighting or mocking the kids who are not well dress....Crime starts by small mischief’s and lack of respect.

-           After the criminals’tips, the students’advices : Siphesihle Lolwana, a 2010 mentee, and his friend Vuso Manganliso Robert, from Alex, are completing their first year at UJ.

-          Choose your friends  hang out with people at the same level as you. If your chummy is in a lower grade, he will disturb you and will not understand your challenges

-          Do not skip a chapter  when you study for a exam, because your teacher overlooked it or because you guess  there will be no questions about it.

-          Understand what you study. Do not learn like a parrot and cramp  the day before, as you will be confused on the day of the exam  ;

-          College’s life is not like in movie ....parties and lots of girls ! The first year is hectic. If you expect only to have fun, you will fail. To help you to understand lectures and get more motivated, form study group.

-          Pursue your dream, without putting too much pressure on yourself !

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