Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What our learners think of the mentorship program

"My mentor has been so very helpfull to me and now, I am improving on my marks because of him. He is willing to see me achieving" (Thabang)
"Even though my mentor is a student, the relationship with her is good, because she reltes to my feelings deeply"
"Having a mentor as a matric student heps a lot" (James)
"The relationship was nice and enjoyable. They were able to help me even though I was not meeting the minimum requirements to be registered (at Varsity)" (Billy)
"Career guidance helped me to realise what I like to do and a kind of job I would enjoy. My relationship with my mentor was fine. He helped me when I needed help. Students and their mentors should meet more often"
"I love my mentors, they are so focus on what's important, they really help me to know and understand what I want and how thing don't just happen. You have to work for them" (katlego Masebe)
"I have had a more relaxed year and have managed to enjoy my outing with the mentors while refreshing my mind. The mentor help with my school work, it improved my marks"
"I had a good relationship with my mentor and she did everything to make this year a success for me and I enjoyed being with her. She was amazing"
"My mentor really helped me to believe in myself, and to study harder, so that I can succeed in life"
"My mentor helped a lot have no regrets, made me to choose the right courses".
"Mentors should be people who are willing to lead, advise and help students who are in Matric. Not the other way. You should be able to call, talk withour mentor, not about school but personal things"
"We had a great time, me and my mentor. We understood each other much better"

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