Wednesday, 25 January 2012

For those who are going to Varsity

-Check with the student office : there are programs to help you to cope with the challenges of the first year, like the “First in family programme” at Wits (designed for learners who are the first one in their family to go to University)

- Attend classes, even if it is not compulsory ! You’ll have plenty of freedom, don’t abuse it !

- University is very challenging : you have to think critically, not to learn formulas !

- practice your English before you go to University

 - find a balance between your large workload and your social life. Study hard, as almost one third of the students fail their first year (and lose their bursaries, if they’ve got one)

- resist peer pressure, avoid cheap alcohol... Girls, watch out : boys will be all over you and quite a few students get pregnant in fist year.

- Try to get some professional experience during your holiday in your field of study, by doing even unpaid work : it’s good for your CV and will help you to build contacts

Have a look at the Mail and guardian website ( of good tips how to survive Varsity !

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