Friday, 16 December 2011

January 4 th suspense...

  Matric results will be released on January 4th. Learners must go immediately to their schools to get their results ;
-          If your mentee has been admitted (you can check online), he needs to pass the national benchmark and register (see below)

-           If your mentee has not been admitted, he/she can still try his/her luck to get admitted in a course, if his/her Matric results are good. He/She  must rush to the campus of his/her choice with his/her school results, student number and ID.  UJ reopens on January 3rd and last year, there were very long queues )! If you are in Joburg, go with your mentee, as an adult presence can make a huge difference !

-           Go directly to the department where you want to study (check before on the website at which campus you have to go -for instance, for mechanical engineering, it is at Kingsway for a degree but Doornfontein for a  national diploma). Show the matric results to the head of the department (or a teacher/staff member). If he/she agrees, he will sign and put a stamp on your registration form, proving that you have been admitted ;

 -      The learner  can also try to reapply (possible at UJ, Vaal and Tshwane – and for a very limited number of courses at Wits) for another degree,  national diploma or  “extended diploma” ( a preparatory year).  Ask the head of department or teacher/staff member will tell you which diploma you can do (according to your matric results) ;

-          If you are told that the degree/diploma you applied is full, check  YOURSELF  with the department if it is true ;

-              Check 3 times all information given to you ! Do not trust what friends or staff members tell you ;

 Once you know what you can do, join the registration queue. Check when is the formal registration day and  the “Opening day information” for you field of study

National benchmark test

Cost R 90 for English test (AQL)  or 165 R if the learner needs also to pass the  Math test (depends on Faculties).
To register : go on  or call  021 650 3523 - you need his reference or ID number
Be careful that the orientation day of your learner at the university is not the same day that the national benchmark test
For all universities :

-          When the formal registration day arrives (at UJ on Jan 30/31 or  online between Jan 23 and Feb 2nd a ), go to the university with a deposit slip of Absa bank proving that you have paid the registration fee

-          Learners, who have secured a NSFAS loan, do not have to pay anything. Check  if your Nsfas loan has been approved (Wits 011 717 10 71, UJ  011 550 35 75)

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