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You can  :
1.       Pass again your matric   Candidates that have written the matric, and failed, can register as part-time repeater candidates for the NSC (matric) examination. These candidates need not attend school on a full-time basis but must satisfy all the assessment requirements for that subject. The school based assessment mark (SBA) of these repeater candidates is valid for a period of two years.

-        . Improve your results in 2 subjects in February/March : Candidates that may have passed the subject but wish to improve their marks to gain access to higher education institutions, may also register as repeater candidates. Such candidates may also change a maximum of two subjects to those initially registered for, if they can provide evidence that it is required for university admission.To register, contact your school or call 011 355 06 10 or 11 – 

To get ready,  check if  free extra classes are offered   :
1.Last year, the Gauteng department of Education offers free classes in maths, physical sciences, life sciences, accounting, geography, history and business. The classes runs on Saturday/Sundays in more than 40 centres in Gauteng. Go to the website or call 0800 00 5174

2.It is also possible to study every day, with subject specialists (maths, life sciences, physical sciences , accounting) from Monday 31 January to Friday 18 Feb,  from 9 am to 2 pm, at the Science Bono discovery centre. Cnr Miriam Makeba and President Street, Newtown. Learners just have to come on Monday 31 January at 9 am. No need to register before. But classes are full and teachers are not always good !

 3. from School Stars à Braamfontein (Wits) : (Tel: +27 11 403-3390).  90 minutes of classes/week/subject at Wits during a year. 2011 Cost : 1600 R/one subject, R2900 for 2 subjects, etc. It includes the fee for the exams.


-enrol at  private college/FET college in January (or later - some courses are offered on a semester or trimester basis)

 Register for the second semester at Unisa/Tshwane (some faculties only at TUT)

 enrol for a computer course. Computer literacy is not just a huge advantage in today’s workplace; it’s often a minimum standard. Most employers need people who are able to use computers efficiently and effectively.

-           learn a new language, pass your driving licence : it will always be an asset in your career

 get involved in community work and acquire communication skills, problem-solving ability, conflict resolution and other skills, which will give you self-confidence and balance your life.

-          work part time to finance your future studies – best is the work in hotels/restaurants

-          enrol for a learnership. Many companies (Eskom, Standard bank, Absa, Mweb, Sabc, Toyota, Jet, etc) offer  learnerships. Check on their websites. Example : the Standard bank   offers a 1 year program, your are paid R2500/month to attend their “Banking Skills Academy”, check on

-         CAT (Commercial Advance Training) program :  students must find a company which will accept to train them based on 2 weeks school and 2 weeks in the company.  The company must nominate a mentor and agreed that the student will spend X weeks in each department (sales, marketing,F&A...), there is a tax incentive for the companies. This is how many companies  recruit today : after 18 months, they can identify good potential.

-         Have a gap year and travel : you can  try the Cruise ship jobs, if you would like to travel and meet new people. Jobs : office,  entertainment , hospitality. accommodation and food general covered, along with a salary
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