Wednesday, 25 January 2012

If you are disappointed with your Matric results

You can:
-          Apply for re-marking or re-checking of examination answer scripts :

-          you must apply before January 23 ;

-          Application forms are available from schools ;

-          you must pay a fee (R 70 for re-marking, R12 for re-checking). You have to pay R150 for viewing of an examination script ( once you have done re-checking and re-marking)

-          You do not have to pay a fee if you attend a no-fee school or if your parents have been granted a concession on the payment of school fee

 -If your matric results are withheld, contact first your school and then the “Provincial Head office” (Exams Directorate) for an investigation
- Supplementary examinations:  you have to apply before January 24. You have a “second chance” if you failed only 2 subjects; if you could not write your Matric due to medical reasons – death in the family or other special reasons; if you are one requirement short in meeting the minimum admission requirements for a certificate/diploma or degree.
The timetable for these exams are published on or call the Department of Basic Education call centre : 0800 202 933

-          Rewrite your Matric in 2012 : if you do not qualify for sup exams, you can redo your Matric, if you are under 21 (if you are 22 or more, you can enroll in an Adult Education Centre)

-       Enroll in a FET college : you can apply for a Nated (Nated National Technical Education) programmes (if you have passed your Matric) which leads  to a national diploma (NQF level 6),
This year, you will not have to pay any fee and you can even ask financial assistance for accommodation and transport. Please check if the college is good and if after completing your diploma,  you can still go to Varsity, if you want to further your studies. One of the best FET college is in Germiston/Bocksburg.

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