Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Join us on February 4 to meet our 2012 mentees

Would you like to mentor a matric learner from Alexandra Township?

To take him/her to outings and advice him/her on his/her studies?

Our first meeting is on February 4 th, at St Mary school (on Burn av, corner Atholl, Weverley) –

-12 30: information for new mentors.

- 14 00 meeting with 2012 mentee (you discuss with them, and choose who you would like to mentor during that meeting)

Linda Giurirch, director of Community affairs at St Mary, her assistant Rosinah and the mentors' coordinators (Daphne and Valerie) will address the new mentors and those interested in joining the program.

 This year, we will mentor Grade 11 and 12 learners.

 - following the UJ stampede, late registrations might not possible anymore. So it is really crucial for learners to have good Grade 11 results when they apply for varsities admission ;

- they need to get career advice before Grade 12 ;

- Grade 12 is a stressful year and Grade 11 learners will be more available for outings;

- learners will have more time to find alternative options if their marks are too low to go to Varsity .

 The mentorship program is very flexible - each of us can mentor 1, 2 or more learners. The idea is to meet your mentee 1 x /month (we organize pick nice at Zoo lake, every 2 months, for those who want to come), take them on outings according to your interests and help them with career guidance/registration, if they need such help. So you need a bit of time: it is not a huge involvement but you must also be sure that you are not going to be too busy to look after your mentee.

The academic level of Alex youngsters is often weak, but some of them manage to be admitted for a degree or a national diploma. The relationship between the mentor and mentee depends on personal affinity and commitment of both sides. If you are disappointed by your mentee, you can drop him/her and ask for another one, at any time, during the year.

If you have any question or would like to meet me, feel free to contact ValĂ©rie Hirsch-083 750 77 25 – – or Daphne ( or Mpagha082 340 3443                  

Facebook :sizanani mentors

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