Friday, 27 January 2012

Questions about the improved Matric results in Alex

Matric results have improved in a spectacular way in 4 out of the 5 high schools of Alexandra. The exception is Minerva High, who had already a good pass rate (Minerva is the top performing school in Alex since 2009).

Name of the school
2011 Results
2010 Results
Improved by
Minerva High
Kwa-Bhekilanga High
Realogile High
Eastbank High
Alex High

The pass rate in Alex has jumped from 47 %, last year, to 65 % ! Alex High Deputy Principal Gladys Zwane said most of the students who failed were challenged by Maths and Science.

Realogile improved its pass rate a whopping 26 %. Interviewed by the community newspaper “Alex Pioneer” (which publish articles about matric results in Alex), Dumisani Mbatha said part of Realogile’s improvement resulted from the District Office’s statement that underperforming principals will be demoted”.
And looking at the stats, it appears that the frightened principals decided to hold back weak learners (by keeping them in Grade 11?). How else could you explain the huge drop in the number of Grade 12 who wrote the Matric exams in Kwa-Bhekilanga (51 in 2011, compared to 162 in 2010!!!), Alex High (147 instead of 216), Realogile (133 instead of 187) and Eastbank (150 instead of 182).

 At least, did the learners who passed their Matric have better results than in 2010?
 38 distinctions were achieved this year, but there is no figure for the previous year.

 Most of the schools indeed achieved better results, with an increase in the number of learners who got marks allowing them to enroll for a degree at Varsity. The only exception is Minerva, where the number of successful Matriculants, with University exemption, has dropped in 2011 (from 30 in 2010 to only 13 for a degree, and from 56 to 46 for a national diploma).

In any case, the % of learners who have enough points to enroll for a degree remains low. The best school is from far Kwa-Bhekilanga (32 % of the learners who passed), followed by East bank (18 %), Alex high (13 %), Realogile (12 %) and Minerva (10 %)...which is supposed to be the top performing school in Alex!

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