Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fantastic meeting on Feb 4th...stil time to join us !

Hey ! On Feb 4th, we were 26 mentors – half of them new ones ! See our smiling faces on Facebook (Sizanani mentors).
We met about 50 learners that I had selected by reading their motivation letters – sorry guys, most of them were girls. A proof we write better than you ! But, next year, it will be more balanced (I must admit that being from Belgium, I get confused with the gender of African names).

So 37 mentees found their match. the good news for the others is that they are 13 more mentors waiting to meet you (I am still busy with that). And the other good news for all those who would like to join us is that we have about 10 Grade 11 and 12 who were not selected in the first round and are eager to get a mentor ! So join us…it is still time until April !

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