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Career orientation talk n°1 (February 25) Molefi Nyofane

Molefi profile : motivational speaker and librarian at the University of Johannesburg 0718892994. His organisation, "Macro Informative Youth Agency”, wants to bridge the gap between high schoolers and tertiary education institutions
 What he told our Grade 11 and 10 learners :
I am 24 years old, I grew up on a farm in the Free State - I had no father, we were 7 at home and my mother was not working. I got a University degree and I am still on a journey.  My role model is myself, where I will be in 3 years: I imagine my destination.

 This journey, you need to plan it now, you need to unpack what you don’t need: fear, uncertainty, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, drugs…friends who discourage you!
Whatever we find in our environment, whether you are from a poor or rich background, we are the one to decide which bags you carry, with useful or useless things. The fact you manage to go to Grade 11, you are capable to know what is good and wrong

Do not blame your family or poverty if you fail!
We do not choose who our family should be, where we are born, the question is: will you have the courage to stand up and be a successful person?
The only important thing is education. Never talk low about your family circumstances. You have ability to get out of there. You can be from a rich family but your parents did not get you the opportunity to boost. You can be rich and feel very depressed, because your mum is busy; no one is there at home...
Your parents might not know what is to be an Engineer. They might not understand your dreams, because they are not educated.  I got 4 distinctions at school and when I told my mother, she was not really happy. Why? She did not understand what distinction is but she still loved me!

If you fail, the only person you can blame is you!

To succeed and go to Varsity, you need good Grade 11 results and you need also the right mentality!Do you have courage to say even if my friends go out on Friday, I will sit and study? If there is no electricity at home, I will study with candles? If I feel depressed, will I ask for help?
Do you believe in yourself? Stop talking negative things about your life!

I used to spend 3 days without eating when I was a school.  I would just use Vaseline, so my skin would shine because I did not want people to have pity. It puts you down to feel sorry for oneself!
Yesterday, I saw a young boy begging in the street – I told him not to beg - you will think the only way to get things is by begging or stealing, not by yourself!

Get rid of your fears
People who steal are proud to be able to steal – they achieved something even if it is wrong!

You must be free of your fear to fail!

If you talk constantly about your destination (where you want to be in 2 years), it will become a reality. Put all your strength, your will in getting to this destination.
When I was in Grade 9, I wanted to speak to young people – today I am a motivational speaker. This is my passion; this is where I wanted to be. Of course there are challenges, but if you cry, it is much better if you know there is a destination. You must have a plan.

 Do not allow yourself to be influenced by others because you do not have a purpose!

Choose your friends

If your friends are not on your journey, drop them out.
Be a friend to someone who is superior to you, who knows where he is going – who will push you to do your homework

Believe in yourself
Do not listen to the people who talk badly about you: all of you are intelligent – none of you is lower than the others! We are just different!

For instance, all of us have our own way to study. I never studied in library because I sleep – I sat on lawn and study – I discovered the model which works for me
I told myself «I am brilliant and beautiful", even if I am ugly! I know a guy without hands and feet: he is a successful motivational speaker and travels all around the world, even if he cannot sit in a wheelchair. He learned to appreciate his situation and became proud of it!

Learn to appreciate your home, your parents, teachers, books, learn to say: “I do not want 50, I want to get 70”
Are you going to be brilliant, talented?  Are you going to do excellent thing?


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