Thursday, 3 May 2012

Open day at UJ on May 12

Before you go to UJ  open day (May 12)

- check on the UJ brochure or website if you have a chance to do the studies of your choice !  If you are weak in math and sciences (less than 50 %), your chance to become an Engineer are very low. Or you will have to work very very hard thi
If you apply at UJ, you must submit your final Grade 11 results (Grade 12 can bring a copy of your final Grade 11 results on May 12)

You need to achieve :

- a minimum APS (admission points score) : you must translate your school marks in points for your 7 school subjects       

         80-100 %  =     7 points

        70-79   %  =     6

        60-69   %  =     5

        50-59   %=       4

        40-49    %=      3

        30-39   %=       2

         0-29    %=        1

Example : if you achieved 65 % in First language, you get 5 points. If you achieved 54 %, you get 4 points....(Life Orientation must be divided by TW0 - If you achieved 54 % in Life orientation, you get only 2 points).

- a minimum of points for each subject , depending on the studies you want to do (check on the website: - click on Prospectus – page 14 )

-       Example : for a national diploma in biotechnology (UJ), you need a APS of 25 points and a minimum of 4 points in 6 subjects, including physical and life sciences. You can have 3 points in your second language.

-       even if you have the points requested, you might not be accepted into the programme of your choice, due to the limited number of places. So  apply as soon as possible !

-       except for medical faculties, the final decision of admission depends on your Matric results.

-       If your Grade 11 results are not good enough, you can try to reapply in January (with your Grade 12 results) or  take a gap year and enrol in 2014

-       Set your own goals : work harder on the subjects for which you need good marks !

-Check also on which campus you need to go

-          Doornfontein campus (DFC) : diplomas in Engineering and Medical

-          Bunting (APB) : Faculty of Art ; other national diplomas (except Engineering)

-          Kingsway (APK) : most degrees

-          Soweto (SW) : diploma accounting, economics (we will not go, but you can take a UJ shuttle)

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