Thursday, 21 June 2012

Grade 11, check now which subjects you need to work harder

If you want to study at Varsity, you need already to study hard this year. The final Grade 11 results are even more important than your Matric : it is those Grade 11 marks which will allow you to be admitted or not at Varsity in 2014 !

 So do not waste your time. Check as soon as possible -  on  UJ website or  other university you wish to go to - what are the minimum APS (1) and points/subject for the courses you are interested in. When you get your June results, check if you meet the requirements. How good are you ? Which subjects do you need to work more ? It depends of the studies you want to do (see below). So you need to have a strategy to succeed !

 First rule : try to get more than the minimum APS and points required as they are 8 times more applicants than space available at UJ. Already mid June, 4 500 Grade 12 learners had applied at UJ for 10 000  “first year students” spaces ! Next year, you should be ready to apply in April-May, as sooner you apply, better are your chances to get in !

 Second rule : you need to work harder some subjects depending on the Faculty you wish to apply.

The selection is done by each Faculty (after pre screening in the Enrolment center). At UJ,
 there is some flexibility, depending on each Faculty and the number of applicants. This is valid for 2012…it might change next year, but it is already a good indication - see previous post about the selection process.

Our experience

This year, only 16 (out of 29) Grade 12 learners, who wanted to apply at UJ, were accepted during  “pre screening” at the Enrolment center. They are waiting now for the decision of the Faculty  (“conditional acceptance” : final acceptance depends on their Matric results).

Among those accepted during pre screening :

- 12 had an APS score above 26

- 4 had a APS score between 22 and 26.

 Among those rejected, 5  had a APS of 25 and the others  between 21 and 25. Even if they had the minimum APS, their application were not accepted because their points were too short in 1 important subject (for instance, in Math, if they applied for Engineering) or in 2 subjects. They can still try to apply in January with their Grade 12 results but many courses will be already full by then and they might have to wait for a year !

So if your APS score is under 26, you chance to get in are much lower.

 Third rule : if your results are not very good (APS under 26), you must also think about alternative options to University : private college, FET college, internship in a company

 Fourth rule : information is the key to success !

Attend career exhibitions

1-Sandton Convention Centre on 3 – 4 July

2. “myTomorrow Technical Careers Exhibition”, 24th – 27th July -  at the Johannesburg Exhibition Centre (Nasrec)

(1) a minimum APS (admission points score) : you must translate your school marks in points for your 7 school subjects       

         80-100 %  =     7 points

         70-79   %  =     6

         60-69   %  =     5

         50-59   %=       4

         40-49    %=      3

         30-39   %=       2

         0-29    %=        1

Example : if you achieved 65 % in First language, you get 5 points. If you achieved 54 %, you get 4 points....(Life Orientation must be divided by TW0 - If you achieved 54 % in Life orientation, you get only 2 points).

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