Monday, 4 June 2012

Open day at UJ

On May 12, all the learners went to UJ  Open day. A few mentors went along with them,

Halvar : I took Tsepho Kobe to the UJ Open Day.. he then told me that Wits had an open day the same day; and since Wits is the only place that does a full Aeronautical Engineering course, we went there from UJ, and h managed to get onto a full tour of the engineering labs, which he loved!

Yvonne Motseko : it was informative; my learners are both in grade11. The main thing for them was to learn more about the different careers and make the right career choices for them.

 Valérie : most learners are very ambitious, which is great, but their results are not always up to their wishes. I hope they got  the right advice about what they can do while being encouraged to do their best

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