Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Some more advice : how to apply at UJ

ADVICE  from Gerhard Kotze, supervisor of the selections at the Student Enrolment centre of UJ.

Mi-June, he  had received 4700 applications and expect to get 80 000 by the end of the year (for only 10 000 places for 1st year applicant)
Apply online or not ?

Better to apply online as you get a reply faster, but you need to have all the points requested for each subject !  Otherwise, the computer will reject it !
-  you do not  have to fill immediately your “second choice”. Add it up later, in case you change your mind ;

- fax the certified copies of ID and Grade 11 results with student number of each page + proof of payment of the R400 application fee (does not need to be certified)
Your final Grade 11 need to meet (at least) the minimum APS requirement and the subjects requirements, but there is some flexibility, depending on each Faculty and the number of applicants ;

-          Law, Eco and Financial science, Management faculties :  You need  to have the minimum points  for all subjects.  Faculty of Law takes only 600 learners – even if the minimum APS  is 27, they put you on a waiting list if you have less than 32 !
-          Engineering, Science and Health Faculties : minimum requirements (points)  in Math, physical and life sciences. Math results very  important in Sciences ;
-          Humanities :  minimum points  in languages +   might accept your application if you are short of 1 point in Group B
-          Art, design and architecture :   own portfolio, to produce later,   important in selection (ex - for learners who applied for multimedia !)

-           -          Selection process

-          Once your application has been hand in, you should get a reply (conditional acceptance or not) by SMS and mail between 3 to 8 weeks but some courses may take longer (faculty of art design and architecture + health sciences).  He can also check online with his ID number (https://student.uj.ac.za/status.aspx). 

-          You will get :

-          -a “conditional acceptance” : final acceptance depends on your Matric results, which are sent automatically to UJ

-          - a “non acceptance” : the learner can still try a “’late application” online or by cellphone in January (with his Grade 12 results) if the course is not full.

-          - in January : If acceptance is confirmed, you need to confirm your choice. You can still apply  online for another course, if there is space (late application) and decide what you prefer to do.

What to do if you did not apply for your favorite  course ?
Because your Grade 11 marks were too low,  you could not apply for your favorite course.   If your Grade 12 results are better, you can try to apply for it in January (late application) or take a gap year and apply the following year. Or you can try to change after your first year. But you need good results (above 60 %). The head of faculty will decide if you can opt for another course or faculty and  will decide which credits you get (for the courses  done in first year). 

With a N3 or N4 diploma from a FET college, can you go to Varsity ?
The decision is taken by the head of faculty and you need outstanding results.

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