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2012 Mentees'survey

52 mentees ( exactly 26 Grade 11 and 26 Grade 12 !) completed our yearly survey on Sizanani mentorship program.
The majority met their mentors “between 3 and 6 times” this year. A special thanks to the mentors who met their mentees (6 Grade 11 and 5 Grade 12) “more than 6 times” !  (Most of those who met them less than 3 times joined only the program in June)
Kyle Junkin (young graduate, Standard bank) and Brillant Moyo (Gr 11)

The mentors helped them with :
- career guidance (UJ open day, Sandton career expo, etc) 15 Gr 12   and   10 Gr 11.
- university/college registration : 10 Grade 12
- school work : 9 Grade 11 and 3 Grade 12
- bursary application : 7 Grade 12 and 2 Grade 11
- Nsfas application : 5 Grade 12
- private tuition : 1 Grade 11
- interview strategies : 1 Grade 11

The majority of the mentees went on outings with their mentors. Among them, 14 (half in Grade 11, half in Grade 12) enjoyed “3 outings or more”

Which outings ?  coffee/lunches (6), Gold Reef city (4…they loved it !), movies (6), Hector Peterson memorial, Bidwest and Mandela museum, elephant sanctuary, acrobranch, swimming and of course, our traditional Zoo lake pick nick.

The mentors encouraged them to :

-          study harder” : 35 learners out of 52

-          believe in myself” :  30

-           discover things I did not know” : 20

-           “communicate better” :  16            

-            use internet  : 10 (mostly Grade 12)

-           “take initiatives” : 9 (mostly Grade 12)

-             know people from another background :  8 (mostly Grade 11)  

-            be less shy  : 7 (mostly Grade 11)         

-            deal with difficult aspect on my life : 1 Grade 12                  
 The majority of the mentees enjoyed a “good” relationship with their mentor.

-           -          33 of them hope to keep in touch with them next year and 21 regret that their mentors were “ too busy to see me often” (most of them have a busy professional life !)

-                13 mentees were “invited me to their mentor’s workplace and 5  to their home                                                  

-          9 mentors spoke to their mentees ‘parents/guardians, but only 6 mentors came their  house

     Grade 11 mentees:

-“I feel very comfortable around him, it is a strong relationship”

-“She explains when she couldn’t come and see me. I love her as my mum”.

-“I really enjoy having a second person in my life to tell me how life is and how to achieve in life better”
mentors -young graduates from the Standard bank

-“She is like a sister to me. She is a sweet and affable person and she likes to encourage people, she is always curious about to know anything about something.

- “He is a great guy, very patient, understanding and very kind and caring”; “It was a great experience because we communicate very well “;

“I get access to anything that’s out of the box i.e. academically”;

 “They were very good mentors that every learner would want to have”;

 “He was not harsh or cruel. We respected each other”; 

Grade 12:

It was a formal relationship but she inspired me”

 “They are good people and they give their time whenever I ask for help”.

“It is on strict levels but it is filled with love and care”;

“My mentor is a good person and sociable and friendly. I have realized this the time we were at Golf Reef city because all the rides that I wanted to go to, he was going with me. He cares about me and my studies”;

 “What I like most about my mentor is that she is outgoing, easy to talk to and understanding”,
Simon Hendrie and Sipho Ngubo

 “I feel free to talk to her about anything”;  

“He is opened to suggestions and always there for me to motivate me. I don’t know what I would do without him. He really changed my life”;

“We had a nice relationship. Even now as she left the country, we still communicate”

“She always makes me feel comfortable”;

“Sometimes he calls me during the week, just to check up on me. I also call him when I’m not doing anything”;

“My mentor was my mother, friend, guardian and she was always there for me whenever I wanted her. I love her”.

Only 9 mentees were not satisfied, mainly because their mentors were too busy. 2 mentees were dropped by their mentors during the school year. “I was hoping that getting a mentor, I would achieve a lot through my studies but it did not happen. I just saw my mentor once”.

 Some mentees did not go on any outing   : “Let the mentors know that we like to have fun, not stuck on books all the time”; “Mentors should take their mentees to events. This would make mentor and mentee’s bond to be stronger”; “I would like to meet her half way in the fun side”.

44 Grade 11 learners (with or without mentors) gave also feedback about the career guidance provided at St Mary:

Sihle Lolwana talking about his Ind. Eng. studies at UJ

What they found the most useful?

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-          Monthly career talks (30) :

All of them helped me a lot because I got the chance to ask more questions about my career” ;  “It gave me encouragement to be determine about my goal and to achieve it I have to work hard” ;  “They gave much information that I needed to know” ;  “They told me that I have to work hard to have a bright future and practice subjects that I don’t understand very well”; “I talked to the lady of chartered accountant. I was motivated that I can do CA even though I didn’t do it at school. I am busy doing some research about the opportunities in it and I am willing to do it”; “the software engineering helps me the most because I want to be an IT”; “the optometrist (?) because my marks can feet in the career” ; the motivational speaker Molefi ; the engineering

UJ open day - Lynette Osiemo with mentees
UJ Open day
-         UJ open day (9) : “It helped me to find a different perspective regarding my career and other interests that I had” ; “They told me what APS score is needed and how my career is good and that I must study hard” ; “I was not sure about what I want to do, so they helped me choose the right career path” ; “I went to talk to one of the University people and they told me that I have to study more”


Sasolburg visit (1)

What they want to do after Metric ?

All of them except 3 want to study at Varsity – 2 want to do learnership (prof cook – electricity) 2 want to look for a job.

At Varsity, they want to study : 12 Engineering - 6 Health faculty – 5 Accounting – 3 IT – 3 Economy-marketing – 2 Astronomy – 1 tourism or psy – 1 architecture – 1 Journalism -1 pilot – others did not specify-

To get information – 34 out of 44 said they look on internet to find information on tertiary education. They got access to internet on their cellphone (most of them), at St Mary (27), at school (14), at internet café (2) at home (2).

Our "Tips for matric" published in the "Alex Pioneer"
Only 1 of them has been on our blog (beststudentofalexandra.blogspot.com) !!!!! This is really disappointing ! At least, 11 have read the “tips for matric” I publish in the community newspaper “Alex Pioneer”

Only 12 Grade 12 completed the "general" survey

Career advice: 8 of them found that the “UJ open day” was the most useful. 3 mentioned the “careers talks” at St Mary and 1, the Sandton convention career exhibition..

After matric : those who have not been admitted at Varsity will try to reapply in Jan with their Grade 12 or look for learnerships (5).

Access to internet : all of them look for information on tertiary education on Internet. They have access on internet at St Mary (6), school (5), cellphones (4), internet café (4), mentor’s laptop (3), at home (1). 6 of them read the “tips for matric” in Alex Pioneer and only 2 went on the blog.

Most of them are ready to share their experience with future learners     : Nkosinathi Zwane, Dineo Mogodi , Martinah Pale, Linda Mangena, Ivy Phaka, Cathrine Mabuza, Soul Diphosa, Sylvia Moumakoe, Confidence Selowa, Thokozile Mncube

Their suggestions to improve the program,
-          Get more  mentors, advertise the program in newspapers and on internet. “There is no one who wants to feel so left out and alone, with no one to help”

-          Improve mentors'selection : choose mentors who are not too busy ; be sure that all mentors and mentees know what is expected from them ; Try to bring mentors that go hand in hand with our career choice ;

-          Improve Follow up. If mentees do not have enough contacts with their mentors or if they lose them during the year, they should get other mentors soon, because they really help a lot ;

-          More Outing s: organize more “school” outings, so most of the mentors will come along ; I would have loved to spend a night at her house to compare our lifestyles

-          Involve our parents : Let our parents meet the mentors because it is important for our parents to know people who influence us in life and who advice us ;

-          Career guidance Mentors should take us to career expos and to companies so that we can see if we will be interested to work there ;

-          Improve the blog : Put recent pictures of activities on  and Results of Alex learners accepted at Varsity

-          Monthly Career session at St Mary

-          - bringing more medical doctors and people working in sciences fields.

-          Specific subjects : IT, civil engineering, flight attendant, professional chef, dermatology, electronics, tourism

-          exams readiness : tips to “pass my matric with good results” (3) -  dealing with stress – school work

-          how to improve my self esteem

-          how and when to apply at Varsity (3), the marks and APS system we need (3), how to get bursaries  or loans(5),  which Universities are good (2), other Varsities like Rhodes, the life at Varsity (2), etc.

-          learn more about the adventurous side of life” (?)

-          “how you can overcome temptations”

-          “how to act in the corporate world” (2)

The last word…
“You encourage young people in Alexandra to work hard on their study. This program encouraged me so much and it also convinced me that there is a better life” (Magul Chavira, Gr 11)

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