Sunday, 4 November 2012

SAA graduates program

For graduates who wants to do a career at SAA, you can apply on or contact 011 628 0352
Their programme will target a developmental period of 18 months that will give you real, hands-on opportunities to make an impact.

*       We will be recruiting graduates who have qualified in the last 12 months with a good academic record in the following fields:
o    International Relations
o    Transport Economics or Management
o    Logistics Management
o    Project Management
o    Marketing
o    Information Technology or Management
Auditing, Risk, Governance and Compliance
o    Mathematics / Statistics / Economics
o    Business Management/ Administration
o    Financial or Management Accounting
o    Mechanical Engineering
o    Aeronautical Engineering
*       Must have a passion for field of study and desire to practically apply what has been learnt
*       Communication skills; Judgment and decision making; Problem solving ability; Highly motivated; Confident

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