Monday, 3 December 2012

Cida campus - applications deadline on Dec 7

There is an excellent private college, Cida campus, which offer free of charge studies for a BBA (Bachelor of business administration + IT). Admission deadline is on Friday 7 December (or latest, with Grade 12 results, on Jan 7, if courses not full), see this link
Cida Campus is close to Alex (in Lyndhurst) and admission fee is only 70 R !  
Requirements for the Foundation phase Year Programme:

APS of 18 or more including:

Mathematics  F (HG) or level 2 or E (SG)

English  2nd language D (HG) or level 3

The Foundation year is a bridging programme to the BBA degree programme for those who do not meet the minimum admission requirement into the degree programme.  It is an alternative route to the BBA programme

Minimum admission requirement for Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

APS (Admission Point Score) of 30 or more including:

Mathematics E (HG) or Level 4 (3 Minimum) or D (SG)

Mathematics Literacy                     Level 6 (5 Minimum)

English               1 stLanguage E (HG) or Level 3

               2ndLanguage D (HG) or Level 4

Cida campus: - 0118874495 -
2 Wessels Avenue
Cida City Campus (CIDA), based in Johannesburg, is the first virtually free higher education institution in South Africa, offering holistic education to historically disadvantaged youth who would not otherwise be able to access higher education. With the cost of higher education in South Africa spiralling out of control, CIDA has emerged as the abiding hope for underprivileged students who have a desire to pursue a university level education. The university is driven to develop the infinite potential of every student regardless of his or her background.

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