Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Become a mentor on February 23

Would you like to mentor a Grade 11 learner from Alexandra Township?
  To take him/her to outings and help him with career orientation ?
Simon and Sipho

Join our first meeting  on Saturday, February 23, at 12 pm, at  St Mary school. After a briefing session, you will meet the 2013 mentees and share a pick nick together. The youngsters will be chosen  among  92 learners in Grade 11, from Alexandra, who  attend  Saturday classes at St Mary’s schooL
The mentoring program is very flexible. The idea is to take your mentee(s) once a month on an  outing  and help them with career guidance. Many of them will be the first one in their family  to complete Matric and their parents/family can’t provide them with good career guidance.  Apart from outings, there is no other financial involvement.
So you just need a bit of time : it is not a huge involvement but you must  be sure that you are not going to be too busy, to see your mentee
If you would like to become a  mentor, please contact Valérie :

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