Thursday, 24 January 2013

UJ application scramble

This year, UJ received 103 000 application for first year students ...a record ! The "selection" team - only 7 people - had to work day and night to check 170 000 applications (if you take into account the first and second choice) !
Only 10 200 students were admitted in first 1 out of 10 !
Many were disappointed, even if they had good results.

One good news : next year, the admission fee at UJ will be reduced from 400 to 100 R. It is fair as UJ made 40 millions rands out of those non refundable fees.. paid in some cases by learners from very poor families.

Last year,  documents got lost, when learners applied online and faxed them. It won't happen next year, as the ID and Grade 11 doc will have to be uploaded with the online application, with the payment.

Admission will start in April for next year. Apply asap as some courses are full after 3 or 4 months (like law, public relations, BA humanities).

 Let's hope that UJ will simplify the admission procedures, which are really complicate.

Also the Nsfas funds were too short this year : 900 learners, who should have received the government loan, did not get it because of the shortage of funds.

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