Friday, 8 February 2013

This blog is growing fast !

This week, we blow our 50 000 hits ! We are now over 51 000 pages and posts clicked...
The most popular is from far the Ann Latsky nursing school with 12 407 hits !

Far behind, comes the page : Where will I study ? (more than 2000 hits), followed by "How to finance my studies" (more than 1800) and "If you are disappointed with your Matric results" (1800).

Without surprise, 17 300 blog users were located in South Africa but more surprisingly, 4100 in USA and  3100 were in Norway (a very fast growing readership..does someone have an explanation ??)..Also more than 2000 users in UK, 1150 in Germany and people as far as Latvia, Russia and India went on the blog..
thanks to all of you and please, those people from far away destination, send us a message !

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