Monday, 8 April 2013

Molefi Nyofane : have a dream, work hard and success will follow

Molefi is a motivational speaker who is encouraging the high school learners around the country to aim high and have a “dream” for the future.  It is the 3rd year our kids had the privilege to listen to him. And I tell you, he is great ! This guy is passionate and he speaks like a priest !

What is a dream ?, he asked  our Grade 12 on April 5, 2013. A Dream it’s  a goal in one’s imagination. Dreams keep us alive. They give us something to look forward and they help us to set goals in our lives. Just to have a dream, you will find the reason to wake up in the morning.  If you don’t understand accounting, physics, or maths your dream will make you wake up at 3 am to study !”


Molefi is only 26 years old and working as a Subject librarian at UJ. He himself grew up in a very deprived family in the Free state, raised by his Mother, who was only doing piece jobs. When asked what inspired you to be a speaker, he said,   “When I was in Grade 11, a guy came to our school and spoke with such confidence, I wanted to be like him”. Molefi worked hard, staying in class after hours to study, reciting his lessons while walking back home, “there was never enough time”.
There are challenges and a lot of sacrifices to make. I am not going to tell you when not to watch TV, which friend you must hang around with, but your dream will tell you that. It is going to be hard to stay focused on your dream, but there is no testimony without test. Don’t let anyone or anything intervene the privacy of your dreams. No matter how hard it is, keep your dream and bring it to reality”.
Because he is so passionate about his calling, he won “Vice Chancellor’s Distinguish Award” last year (2012), as a University of Johannesburg employee who go beyond their call of duty. He believes education is the way out of poverty, bondage, and ignorance.  

Molefi advice all our Grade 12s to apply as soon as possible and, if necessary, reapply in January with their matric results. “Work hard ! At Varsity we only want top achievers. If they ask for a level 5 mark (60 % or above), they will not admit you if you got 58 or 59 %. Last year, 640 000 wrote Matric examination  but  Higher Education Institutions have approximately 23 000 places for first years. The big question what happened with 617 000 learners?  Only dreamers will get in”

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