Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Apply for Nsfas before end of September and the bench mark test

Apply for  a NSFAS loan before the end of September (15 Nov at TUT), if your family cannot pay for the tuition fees (from 25 000 to 45 000 rands/year). You can apply online (check the info in the "guide" on the right column)

Apply as soon as possible as there is a shortage of Nsfas loans...more you wait, less you have a chance to get one !
Deadline for Nsfas application :

- Wits and Univ. of Pretoria  : September 30

- UJ :  October 1st,

- TUT : 15 November

You also need to register  for NBT (national benchmark test) if you have applied at :  UJ - Univ of Pretoria – Faculty of health at Wits

You can register on this website : -call centre  021 650 3523 – don’t wait ! most of the test dates are before December 15…

There are 2 benchmark tests:

- the AQL test in academic and quantitative literacy (compulsory) – cost : 110 rands

-the Mathematics test, if you have applied for certains Faculties (please check with your faculty if you need to do it) cost : 195 rands for both tests



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