Monday, 14 October 2013

African leadership academy : register by November 30

This world-class academy gives bursaries to study for 2 years studies (Gr 11 and 12) to outstanding learners between 15 and 19 years old from South Africa and the rest of the continent, with leaderships qualities (example, leader at school, in their church, sport club, community, youngsters who started business, who helped to solve problems, who took initiative...). Even if you have completed Gr 11 or 12, you can apply.

It is a boarding school. After graduation, you ‘ll have access to USA colleges and other “world’s finest universities”. The A level curriculum includes : leadership development, entrepreneurial training, and understanding African issue -Average class size of 12 -Academic year: September to June

 The African Leadership Academy has helped me identify and develop my passion for entrepreneurship, says Lucas Manhica (top learner at St Mary’s Saturday classes in 2011)   will graduate this year and study business in a University near Boston, USA. Through the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum, I have improved my critical thinking skills and I am better positioned to apply entrepreneurial thinking to real life problems. The academy has taught me important life values such as curiosity, humility, diversity, compassion and integrity. I will apply them in decision making and planning the future. In the next few years I hope to delve into the academic aspects of entrepreneurship and engage a bit of its practical side. I will achieve this by enrolling into college in the United States in the coming year. I also would like to focus my efforts into developing social businesses so that I can positively affect the lives of as many people as possible” (you can contact Lucas on Facebook, Sizanani mentors) 011 699 30 00

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