Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Grade 12 learners’ feedback

The Gr 12 learners wrote a letter of thanks to the sponsors of St Mary’s Alexandra high school project. Most of them praised the good quality of the teaching (better teachers), free access to internet and science lab,  career information/motivational talk and help with Varsity applications, cultural and social diversity (mentors, new friends), food and free transport.
Here are a few abstracts regarding Sizanani mentorship program (mentors, career information, Varsity application):

-          Mentors :

-          “The most wonderful programme also provides us with mentors who are willing to help us achieve our dreams, mentors that have a vision to see us prevailing and also giving us advice on how to approach different kind of things in the world of business. Mentors who are always open to us and they even guide us as to which career path to follow” (Itumeleng Rampsapedi)

-          “Mentorship programme is one of the things that really push us to do our best. Mentors encourage us and I will also like to thank them. Even if sometimes we look ungrateful but we are grateful of the things you do to us” (Ivy Ditshego)
           -   “Through this project, I get access to information which is essential to my future career. I have a mentor who assists me with future career related issues and this helps a lot (Betty Kekana)
-          I got advice from some new people who changed my life  like the mentors who guided me” (Sibusiso Maphanga)
Career info and motivational talks :

-          Sometimes people came and talk to us about their experiences in life and gave us advice, some came to motivate us because no one is a failure in life and everyone has that potential to be captains of their lives actually be the best, and St Mary’s helped us to see all that (Fikile Tunzi)
         -          The vital opportunities that you have enabled us to are letting us meet motivational speakers who we mostly related to because of the similar situations we are from, learning about their success and we ourselves became ambitious. It helped us to have ambitious goals to become successful one day” (Tebogo Mapeka)

-          I found the motivational talks very inspirational to me as I was encouraged to work harder and be confident. I was inspired to believe that I have the potential to be successful. The Varsity applications were huge aspect that you helped us with. I secured a place early at Varsity. The blog helped us to be informed about bursary applications. I got to apply to many companies through the information I got from the blog” (Primrose Moyo)

-          This project gave me support through my career choice by providing career guidance and exposing me to career expo’s, and I did not pay even a single cent for that (Mbali Xulu)

-          “The other highlight of this project was meeting students from different universities and they told us how university life is like and what is expected from us, when we get there” (Sive Gwe)

-          I now know which career to follow, because a career isn’t just an interest but also about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, values and abilities and that is what we were taught” (Wendy Bapela)

-          I have been able to make an informed decision about what I would like to study. I have also been able to gain access to information on the different bursaries on offer” (Refilwe Gomba)

Varsity applications :

-          The programme helps you to choose careers at an early stage such as grade 10 throughout Grade 11. In terms of university application, they helped me with every hustle I had to make. It was easy and I am grateful for everything (Lwazi Nogala)

-          I even applied for university because of this project (Siyasanga Matwa) ; If it wasn’t for this project, I would not have applied and been conditionally accepted at UJ” (Curtis Phiri). “The sponsors paid for the UJ registration fees which were a bargain because some students could not afford to” (Sabelo Mbonjwa). “It helped me to apply early to the Varsities” (W.Chamane)

-          And to sum  up :

-          “My self esteem was low, when I started this program, but now, I believe in myself and able to fight all the challenges I come across” (Lungile Sangcozi)

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