Monday, 28 October 2013

Sizanani mentees survey

In October,  49 Grade 11 learners (from Alexandra township) who had a mentor, completed a survey :

37 were happy about their relationship with their mentor, even if only 9 mentees saw their mentors 6 times or more since February. (20 mentees met them between 3 and 6 times and 17, less than 3 times).

Outings: All mentees (except 2) went on outings: restaurants/fast foods (47); collective outings (18), movies (7), museums/monuments (4), ice skating (2), visit of a laboratory (3) theatre (1), and soccer (1),

They enjoyed a lot eat at restaurants with their mentor “to socialize and know each other better; get career guidance and motivation; “at home, we don’t go to restaurants”; “I experienced to be at restaurant for a first time and it was wonderful”; “I enjoyed eating Mexican meals and different kind of food from all over the world”; “I was able for the first time to order food and I enjoyed myself”

Career guidance: 48 mentees received help in career guidance + school work (21) and study books (13).

Their mentors encourage them “to work harder” (48), “believe in myself” (32), “discover things I did not know” (22), communicate better (19) be less shy (16) and use internet (15).

 Career guidance :“She told me to have more than one choice of career, so that I will be able to choose between them, looking at my marks” ; “ Career guidance helped to choose the right career according to my passion and abilities” ; “Career counseling helped me to be clear about my career choices, which subjects I should really study hard on” ; “Career counseling  helped me a lot because I was not sure of the career to go for” ; “he helped me to look at different careers which would go with my marks and personality”

 Study books  :“ helped me to understand things by myself”, “to  improve my marks”, “because I wanted to write notes for myself” ; “ I am getting higher marks” ; “It helped me a lot because  I did not have some text books and it was very hard for me to achieve”

 School work:  “She hired a tutor for me to help with Math and Physics”; our tutor helped us to understand better”; “she gave me tips on how to deal with my school work which I found hard to study”

Relationships 30 mentees found it easy to communicate with their mentor.

Positive comments:

 “She was very inspiring and made me enjoy my school work. I loved her”

“She always checks and provide us with information and also motivate us to do more” ; “She always does things that I ask for and she guides me whenever I need guidance and motivates me at all times”; “She is a very loving and loyal person who really wanna see success in me. She makes sure that I am positive with the decisions I am taking and motivate me to be better in future”.

“She helped me to control my life and understand what was happening”; “We have a very strong bond, she is more than a mentor to me”

“My relationship with my mentor is very good, open and fun”; “She is a good leader and a good friend. We email and talk on the phone, our relationship has been fun and cool”; “my relationship is genuine, cool, and friendly and it is easy to communicate”

Even if I had little time with him, he kept on guiding me and I am inspired by him”

She is not from South Africa, so she is always interested in knowing more about South Africa. That make it easy to communicate with her”

We had a wonderful time; we were able to share our thoughts

My mentor was “like my best friend”; “Se is like a sister to me; we talk about almost everything”; “he is like a father to me cause he always tell me things that will help my future”; “It is like a father and son relationship, he is an awesome mentor”; “She is only a phone call away and she is there when I need her”; “she is like an older sister. I can open up to her about everything and anything”

“He lives in the dreams of others and wants them to pursue their goals. He relieved things about himself that I thought were meant to be confidential”; “He is my role model”; He is honest and helps me with a lot of things. He is always happy to answer questions about anything”

“I am free to talk with her about anything. She helps me”;

“We chat and whatsapp daily. He is the best. He was fair, truthful and good motivator”

“If we don’t meet, we communicate through the phone and sms. Even after I lost my phone, we kept in touch

Negative comments:

The first time I saw my mentor, I was excited and she seemed very determined. But after that, I never got a chance to see her”; “the mentor did not give me the attention that I needed. We rarely talk through the phone, let alone see each other”, “We did not communicate well, only see us once, in 5 months”; “My mentor is too busy and due to the fact that we see each other less often, I find it hard to communicate with him”; “She was always busy”

Career information at St Mary’s

- Motivational speakers, mentors and students’ talks at St Mary’s were highly appreciated by all mentees;

- UJ Open day was worth attending, according all mentees, who also enjoyed attending Sandton career indaba;

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