Wednesday, 4 December 2013

UJ admission in January : you can reapply from January 10

- UJ will receive automatically early January your Grade 12 results ; if they don’t get them, they will send you a sms ;

- from 6 to 15 January 2014 : Nobody ( without an access card ) will be allowed onto campus;

- from 7 to 9 January 2014 : UJ will finalise the admission of applicants. You will receive a sms (if your cellphone number has changed, call them before to give your new number !), saying if :

1. Your application is confirmed :
- are happy : read the registration part on UJ website ;
- 2. you want to reapply for another course, you can send an inquiry via the UJ Mobi Late Enquiry system (see below).
The admission in the initial choice will only be cancelled if the new choice is successful.

2. Your application is rejected : you can reapply for another course via the UJ Mobi Late Enquiry system.
3. You are still on a waiting list (you have the minimum marks but they are not that good) : UJ will only make a decision after they have received late applications. You can also reapply for another course via the UJ Mobi Late Enquiry system.

You can check your application status on UJ website (on It should be updated within 24 hours.

Late application :

When ? between 10 and 15 January 2014 (it is first come, first serve, so apply on the 10 of January, as soon as possible)

Where ? log on UJ website – Check for Mobi Late Enquiry system (on the front page)

Who can apply ? Anyone can apply (even if you have never applied before or if your application has been rejected in 2013).  You can reapply for a course, if your application has been accepted or is on a waiting list, and you want to do another course.

How does it work ?
·         Courses which you qualify for and still have space available will be displayed per faculty. Please select your preferred faculty. Follow the steps.. Select the course you are interested in. If you are happy with your selection, click on “submit an enquiry”. If you are not happy with your selection click on “make a different choice" to restart the process. Enter your cell phone number and click on submit.

        When will I know if I am admitted ? UJ will send you a sms, within 3 or 4 working days.

You can register online between 20 and 31 January (or if you need campus assistance, you can go to UJ on Jan 27, 28 and 29).
If you have applied for Nsfas and your loan has been approved,  you will only have to pay 490 R on registration day. Otherwise, check the registration fees on the website.

More info : e-mail address:​  

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