Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Join the Sizanani mentorship programme by mentoring a Grade 11 learner

You can make a huge difference in the life of young people from Alexandra township. This year, 42 mentors looked after 69 mentees and most of them did a fantastic job.

Our first meeting will be on February 8, 2014 at St Mary's school (close to Corlett Drive). After a briefing session, you will meet the 2014 mentees and share a picnic together. You’ll have some time to discuss with a few learners and choose who you would like to mentor

The mentees are selected among Grade 11 learners from the 5 high schools of Alexandra: they are part of about 300 learners (Grade 10 to 12) who attend Saturday classes at St Mary’s (also on school holiday). This  programme, which has been running since 1990, is headed by Linda Giuricich, director of St Mary’s community affairs.

Basically, the mentorship program is very flexible : each of us can mentor between 1 and 3 learners. The idea is to take your mentee(s) once a month on an outing and help them with career guidance (see the attached presentation). Even if your mentee knows what he/she would like to study after Matric, often their marks don’t match their wishes (to be an Engineer, a doctor, a lawyer). Our role is to encourage them to work harder or be more realistic about their career path. Many of them will be the first one in their family to complete Matric and their parents/family can’t provide them with any career guidance.  Apart from outings, there is no other financial involvement.

So you need a bit of time: it is not a huge involvement but you must be sure that you are not going to be too busy

If you have any question or would be interested to become a mentor, please contact

Valérie Hirsch -+ 27 (0)83 750 77 25 - fax-ph +27 (0) 11 784 7298

Facebook page : Sizanani mentors.

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