Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Looking for admission at a Varsity ?

The “central application clearing house” (CACH), set up by the Department of higher education,  is supposed to tell the learners which institution still has space for which courses” : “You can send a sms to 49200 or/and 072 045 056   with your name, ID number, saying that I passed matric with this symbol and this is what I would like to do.After sending the sms, you’ll get a call back from an agent.You should then receive information that in Gauteng, for instance, you can go to this university or that university and these are courses that still have spaces at this time of the year”

But I doubt  it is working. If anyone of you is sending a sms to CACH, please let me know the results (valou.hirsch@gmail.com) I tried to call them but the line is busy (0860 356 0635) and the website is not working (www.cach.dhet.gov.za)

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