Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nsfas loan list has been published this morning on UJ website

List of approved learners

If you applied for Nsfas and your loan has not been approved and your attended St Mary's Saturday classes (any year), send me your name, surname, student number (and which studies you are currently doing if you start them before 2014).  

If your loan has been approved, you Pay R490 only and proceed with registration by January 21 if possible (you don’t have to pay anything for registration).
After you have registered, you can schedule an appointment after 21 January 2014 on the student portal ( to submit your loan agreement form in February 2014.

There are limited appointments and funding. Funding will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Funding include fees, books and accommodation on or outside campus (i will put a post on this)

Read the info on Uj website, click Finance (top), then Nsfas

Your NSFAS pre-agreement form and loan agreement form will be generated electronically from the ITS system. It is however of VITAL IMPORTANCE that you verify your details BEFORE your appointment. If the details are incorrect you can log in via the student portal at and correct your details.
Your appointment:
If you are late, your appointment will be cancelled and you cannot reschedule.
Bring along
Proof of registration (account) Please make sure that all your subjects and university accommodation are reflected on your account.
2 certified copies of your id document
Pro-forma invoice if you live in an approved off campus accommodation. Consult the website for an approved list

During your appointment you will sign a pre agreement and loan agreement form. You will receive copies of these forms as well as a NSFAS regulation booklet.
Your Edu-Xtra card will be loaded within 2 working days.
If you do not sign pre-agreement and loan agreement forms your UJ account will not be paid and your NSFAS loan will be cancelled

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