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Mentors and mentees from Sizanani mentorship programme

Do you want to become a mentor in 2015 ? Join us early February next year and mentor a Grade 10 or 11  learner from Alexandra township (write to Val√©rie on for more info)
Meanwhile, read below what some of our 2014 mentors and mentees say about their mentorship experience 

Anneline with Tintswalo and Nokuthula

 Anneline Booyse-Mofokeng (head of Security, IFC, World bank): The mentorship added so much value into my life and developed me as a person. It created that purpose for one and the feeling that you make a difference in someone’s life.

Nokuthula Nkuna : The time she sacrificed to see us was precious because not only she helped me academically but also she inspired us to be greater and wiser. I always dreamt of having a special super woman and she came into my life and filled that gap. She gave us more courage and prepared us for the outside world.

Charlie Karabo (her 3rd mentee) :  It is very motivational, fun, interesting, sharing ideas and knowledge. She built my self esteem in an incredible way. She taught me how to believe in me.

Mfundo  with Edwin and Sipho

Mfundo Mangweni (Standard bank): I am content with the ability to build a mentorship relationship with learners who have a need to become the best that they can be, despite their discouraging circumstances.

Edwin Ndlala: It was fun and good to have someone who believed in me and support me
Sipho Ngemntu : He was very busy but made time for me and Edwin. I felt like I’ve known him for a long time. He was like my friend

Tinyiko between her mentees Masea and Asisipho

Tinyiko Siwele (Finance MTN) :  It was a big learning experience, having to deal with teenagers. I also realized that I do want to spend more time with them in future in order to give them the platform to open up to me more.

Masea Makhudu  : She made me realise so many opportunities and understands me well. She is a good listener and she is the best thing that happened to me. I thought no one cares about me but when I met her, I knew she will have hope in me

Asisipho  Tanjana: I had fun and she encourages me to believe in myself and study hard, so I can go to Varsity. You being  Chartered accountant of a big company, at the age of 25 years, really inspired me and made me think that I can also do it in life as well, as long as I study hard and forget about the other things in life that are not important.
Vuyisa between his mentees, Lonwabo, Keneilwe and Ayanda

Vuyisa  Sobayeni  (Barclays bank): I found that the experience was enriching for me in terms of the social development aspect of it. It was great to see the relationship grow with the kids; from hardly having anything to speak about in the beginning to sharing ecstatic laughs in recent months.
The one thing I did not foresee was how consuming the experience would be. Given the opportunity to go back, I would not take on as many mentees.

Lonwabo Sodlulashe: He knew what my goal was and how much I want things to happen

Keneilwe Langa : We respect each other, as a father would guide his child and everything that he has said, I have taken into consideration

Ayanda Johnson : We understand each other. He taught me to communicate with people and showed me to believe in myself. He told me the story of his life and inspired me to do good things in life.

Zanele with Terrence  and Asanda  

Khoza Zanele  (NPO consultant): This is my first time in attempting to mentor on a personal level, but I think it’s really great, I just didn’t realize the time constraints would be this hectic but with practice one gets better

Asanda Shelembe : I am having a good relationship with my mentor. She is good and I enjoy her company. She was busy because she was writing her exams

Terrence Sealetsa: Zanele really helped me by giving advice, how to study and to balance school and social relationships, and for that, I will never forget you.

                                                       Bianca with Rudolph (grade 12)

Bianca Brebnor (Absa capital): It was a humbling experience being involved with students from disadvantaged backgrounds and I was very impressed that some of them had such great attitudes to life and such a great work ethic considering their difficult circumstances.

Rudolph Makwale: She helped me with my studies and applications.  It was my best 2 years of schooling. I will do her proud with my end of year results.

Emiola with Anathi and Nozizwe (Grade 12)

Emiola (IFC, from Nigeria) : The experience has been very rewarding; I feel like I have been able to make an impact in the lives of my mentees even if it is a little.  I am glad that they’ve both been provisionally admitted into university and I am looking forward to them getting into university next year

Nozizwe Ngubane: She is an excellent friend, teacher and a great inspiration to me. The knowledge and wisdom she has imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout my studies. My success will at least in part due to her support and mentorship.

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