Sunday, 30 November 2014

UJ admission in January

In January, UJ will receive your Grade 12 results and send you a sms if you are admitted on January 9. You can also check your status online on UJ website.

On January 9,  you can reapply for a course (even if you have never applied at UJ or if you first application was dismissed) for another course on January 9,  if there is must do it online, by using UJ late enquiry system

If you have already applied at UJ, use your student number (or ID number)

If you have never applied at UJ, use your ID number or Grade 12 examination number

Watch this -

Once your admission has been confirmed by sms or online, you must proceed with registration from January 19 to 23 (online) or on campus, from 26 to 29.

If you have very good results (over 70 %), I advice to talk to the head of Faculty during registration and see directly with him/her if they can admit you (even if the course is “full”). Ask who is in charge and go for it on January 26 !

 UJ call center 011 559 45 55

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