Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Grade 12 - very important to read if you applied at UJ -

 On January 6 BEFORE 2 PM, send me an email (valou.hirsch@gmail.com) with your surname, name, cellphone, student number + your 1st choice with the code (if you want to study something else that you have applied for) + 2nd choice (what you have applied for) + 3rd choice (something easier, in case you cannot get admitted for choice 1 and 2). You must check that you have the minimum marks requested in ALL subjects for your choice 1, 2 and 3 ! Send me the email even if you have not been admitted with your Grade 11 results ! example : Lebo Sithole, 078 567 3445, 20154678, 1 : BCA 012 bachelor of accounting, 2 : BCG014 Bcom accounting, 3 : Bcom economics - 3. Ndip D3A15Q accountancy + your matric results for each subjects. Matric results 
Mathematics 79%
Sepedi(HL) 70%
Accounting 63%
Economics 67 %
English(FAL) 67%
Business studies 62%
Life orientation 68%

If you send me all these information in this order, you will have priority for admission. If information is missing, i will not be able to help you !! prepare today all the info you'll need to send me, so that you can check quickly on jan 6 that you have the minimum marks. Already some of the courses are full, like all the Law faculty course, public relations, biomedical, social work, mining engineering...so don't apply for that, if you have not done it before. You have more chance to be admitted if you apply for a diploma in the faculty of management, BA degrees, Education (foundation phase) for instance...

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