Friday, 22 April 2016

Application at UJ

There are a few important changes in the UJ application process – so please update the questionnaire which was hand out to you last month accordingly
1. The APS score does not include Life orientation. So, from now, add up the final Grade 11 results for only 6 subjects
2. Minimum levels are only required for “core subjects” at UJ, depending on the Faculty
Faculties of Education and Humanities : you only need a minimum level in English  +  minimum APS
Faculties of Economy and Managment : you need a minimum level in English and Math + minimum APS
Faculties of Heath and Sciences : you  need a minimum level in English, Math, Physical sciences and Life sciences + APS
Check on the 2017 undergraduate prospectus – click on
3. Faculty of Engineering :
There are now 2 types of degrees, the “bachelor of engineering degrees” and the “bachelor of engineering technology degrees” (minimum levels a bit lower) which have replaced most of  the diplomas. There are only left (diplomas in management and in operations management).

 It is still possible to do extended degrees for some engineering degrees.

See more explanation on the right column (Universities application)

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