To apply at any University, you need an ID and a email address

Apply online as it is much faster and there are fewer risks of mistakes in the filling of the application

You must apply with your final Grade 11 results (no Grade 12 March or June results !)

Application deadlines
UP                May 31 (Health)
TUT              June 15 (Health, Nature conservation)
Wits             June 30 (Health, Architecture)
TUT              July 31
Wits,UJ,UP    September 30
Vaal             October 31

There are 3 steps:

Pre selection based only on your end of Grade 11 results : you will be conditionally admitted, provisionally admitted (= on a waiting list) or not admitted ;

Final selection in January, based on your Grade 12 results: your admission is confirmed (or declined).

Late application in January : you can still apply or reapply at UJ, TUT and VUT with your Grade 12 results, for the courses which are not full. Other Varsities do not accept late application (but if you have at least 3 distinctions, you can still give a try). 

 Most universities wait for your Grade 12 results to make a final decision. Some use only the Grade 11 results (Medicine at Wits).

To be admitted, you must meet at least the minimum requirements (APS + minimum level in some subjects). See each University prospectus. Actually you often need more than the minimum points (more there are applicants, less you have chance to get in...)

 Tip: You do not need to send your Matric results in January.  The Universities receive them from the Departement of Education. But  in some few cases, they don't... so check with the University in January, if you have not receive any news about your admission.

Very important : if your cellphone number or your email address change, you need to inform the University !


1. Be realistic: 

 -If your APS is over 30, you can apply for a degree ;

- If your APS is over 25 but under 30, you can apply for a extended degree or a diploma. 

Do not apply for a bachelor of accounting if your accounting marks is under 50 % or for Medicine if your Math mark is under 70 % !

If you marks are too low, rather improve your Matric marks and reapply the following year, than apply for something you don't want to study !  

2. Apply early

Some courses are quickly full, long before the application deadline, because they are very popular, like those ones at UJ

      -  Law : BA (Law), Bcom (Law), LLB
-      Humanities : social work, public relations, Ba Humanity
-      Education : Bed in Senior phase and FET teaching
-      Bachelor in Architecture
-      Mine surveying, BEng in Civil Engineering, Mining Eng, Electrical Eng, Mech. Eng.
-      Bachelor and Bcom accounting, Bcom Finances, Bcom Economics
-      Sciences : Geology degrees– Diploma in biotechnology
-      Health : biokinetics, biomedical tech, diagnostic radiography,environmental  health, optometry, bachelor of health sc
-      Management ; extended diplomas in HRM, Logistics, Small business management, transport ; diploma Logistics, Business Info. Technology ; Betch Logistics, Business Adm, Bcom Business Management, BA HRM


     - Medicine, surgery, commerce, engineering, science degrees at Wits;

     - Health, engineering, natural and agricultural sc,

3. Apply at least at 2 or 3 Universities. So you will have more chance to be admitted.

4. Apply for a NSFAS bursary

5. Register for NBT (national benchmark test) if you have applied at UJ - Univ. of Pretoria – Faculty of health at Wits - UCT.

The NBT tests will be available to all universities to which a learner has applied. Tne results will have no influence on your admission. You need to register on the website  There is a fee to pay. The NBT consists of two tests. The first test is the Academic and Quantitative Literacy Test and the second test (only for some Faculties) is the Mathematics Test.  

6. Apply for accommodation in University residences, when you apply at Varsity if you don't have good conditions at home to study (see "accomodation" page). If you get a NSFAS bursary, the rent will be paid by Nsfas.

If you don't apply for residence, NSFAS will pay your rent for private rooms outside the campus.

7. In January, if you have top results (at least 2 distinctions in core subjects like Math, accounting), go and see the head of the Faculty of your choice, to push for your admission, as soon as the University reopens. Some students have been admitted even when the registration were close, because of their top results 

      Ntokozo  Sangcozi (2014 Matriculant) had not been able to apply at UJ, due to a mistake in his ID date of birth. He got a full bursary from Vincent Tshabalala and was admitted for a Bcom accounting degree, even if the registration was already completed.

8.  Late application

In January, you can apply at UJ. Nobody is allowed onto campus from January 5 to 15. 

UJ will receive  your Grade 12 results from the department of Education and send you a sms if you are admitted.

You are still on a waiting list (you have the minimum marks but there is no space): UJ will only make a decision after they have received late applications. 

Nceba Sixoka was on a waiting list for Bcom accounting  because his Math mark was under 60 %...He was finally admitted on the last day of registration.

The "Late application" system at UJ allows you to apply (even if you have never done it before) or reapply for another course with your Grade 12 results, if there is enough space (You can reapply for another course, even if you have already been admitted for studies you do not want to do. Your first admission will only be cancelled if your late application is successfull). UJ will send you a sms, within 3 or 4 working days.

Vaal - call them to check which course are still available 016 950 99 24/5 - 016 950 99 22/93 11

What you need to know in order to apply ?

Your end of Grade 11 results (you cannot use your mid-Year Grade 12 results)

-Your ID number, a cellphone number (UJ will use both of them to contact you)

-An email address

Grade 12 : You don’t need to submit any document. However you may be requested to submit all relevant documents at registration. (Only those who have already passed their Matric must upload a   certified copy of their Matric results)

Click on :

-       conditional  admission :  your grade 11 mark are good and Wits waits
 for your Grade 12 results to confirm your admission,

-       decision deferred, if  your grade 11  are not enough, Wits will decide by 7 January and send a sms : you might be admitted, put on a waiting list or not admitted


To find a specific course (example : architecture) :


Application open :  March 
End date : 31 July (June 15 for Medical orthotics and Prothetics, Nature Conservation, Radiography - and Dental Technology)

The app gives 24/7 on demand access to available academic, financial and residential information to students, including exam timetable information, exam results, registration information, admission status, financial statements and financial aid information.

When you apply with your Grade 11 results, you get a letter telling your application has been successful or not. In some case (arts related course), you receive a letter informing you to attend an interview during October (call them as soon as possible to get an appointment). About a week after the interview, you will receive a letter of acceptance (or non admission).