If you are not happy with your Matric  results,

check as soon as possible at your school to :

  • register for a re-mark or a rechecking

  • apply to do supplementary exams : you can rewrite pass 2 subjects maximum  (in February or March) if your Matric results where not good enough to meet the requirements  of a "higher education faculty" or of a "specific occupation", provided documentary evidence is submitted

You can also redo your Matric (or some subjects) end of the year, at your school. But you can also choose not to attend school on a full-time basis.

To get ready, free extra classes were offered at:

1. The Gauteng department of Education - or call 0800 00 5174
2  The Science Bono discovery centre, in Newtown.

Private lessons (pricey but good) are offered by School Stars at Wits: - O11 403-3390).

The Denel Youth Foundation (Kempton park) also runs bridging programs for matric students to prepares them for  Science and Engineering degrees.

If you cannot go to Varsity this year

1.Study at  a TVET or a private college (see separate pages). Some of them offer bursaries..

2.Do a learnership or an apprenticeship (see separate pages)

3. Take a gap year and start your studies at Varsity one year later.

During your gap year, you can 

  • Improve  your skills : do  a computer course, learn a new language, work,  pass your driving licence, try to do some job shadowings. It will always be an asset in your career. Check this website :

You can also improve important  skills for your future

  •        Find a part time work : it is the best way to learn business skills and experience, while making some cash.

You can join the SAA cabin crew programme, if you ar taller than 1.58 metres.

 Jobs include office work (go to an office and say you can help filling or data capturing), waiter, stock taker in shop (check recruitment agencies), promotions (handing out flyers, putting together gift packs, in-store promotions), movie extras, tutoring pupils, driver, au pairing (after school, you need a driver licence), work overseas on a cruise liner (but beware the fake job recruitment add - check on internet or with the Embassy of Australia -often the cruse line company are based there- and do not pay them anything for your visa application, or your money will disappear ! 

  • Volunteering for a Non governemental organisation (NGO) or a community organisation. It is a fantastic way to gain experience, make contacts and learn skills. If you have a passion for health, contact your local clinic and see if they can fit you in.. Check this website or offer your service on

4. Look for public service training opportunities 

Become a police officer or a Correctional officer in a prison.

Join the army (012 339 53 95/012 339 4000). you can do the MILITARY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (MSDS) a two-year voluntary service during which you will receive military training and other training for one year and then, you will be  will be deployed where needed. To join, you must be South African, have completed your Matic, be between 18 and 22 years (Graduates up to the age of 26 years), preferably… single and in good shape !Application form : Department of defense website

Check also Community work programmes or the expanded public works programme