Since 2014, our students have received scholarships for an total amount of Euros 17 000/year from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium).

The Minister President of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels, Rudy Demotte, in Alexandra in 2013

Martin Mashatola completed a degree at Wits (Information system) in 2016 thanks to the support  of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels   

     The Foundation RATP (France) has  been  funding our students since 2013. Bombela Operating company has also awarded bursaries since 2015.

Arnaud Legrand, CEO of Bombela operating company (RATP), and his wife Hélène with their mentees‏


-   Other bursaries have been financed by South African subsidiaries of Belgium companies (AF Compressors, Zetes) and private individuals. A few of our students have also received scholarships to do IT degrees or learnerships at the Belgium campus (Pretoria).

    Learners activities and our operating cost are mostly supported by "Wallonia Brussels international" and the "Foundation RATP".


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