Emiola Abass (mentor): “Very rewarding - watching these teenagers develop into adults and knowing that in a little way, I helped them on that journey is heartening. I am still in touch with my old mentees as well and being able to bring the two groups together also helps”

Kuciah Diphofa (Emiola ‘s mentee) :"Mentors help us gain our confidence and make us aware of the right career choice. I had a really good relationship with my mentor and I think it will last, as she really knows me well and the person I am because of her and the advices from her"

Macy Dube (Emiola’s mentee): “My mentor is always available whenever I need help with my school work. She takes my career choices seriously and doesn’t discourage me”. 

Marie-Amandine Coydon : “I really enjoy the relationship with my mentees. I learn a lot from them and I believe that I help them to discover and try new things and get a more positive outlook on life. I can see that they draw motivation from this mentorship”

Dzova Sipokazi  (Marie-Amandine’s mentee) : “We are like family. I have learnt a lot and experienced a lot, going out with her. I’ ve seen things that I have never seen before and helped us to see other people and different cultures”

Anneline Booyse-Mofokeng (mentor): “My experience as a mentor is always fulfilling and it is great to give back to the community. It is very rewarding to see them grow and developing in strong, confident individuals”

 Eziphi Mdledle (Anneline’s mentee) "I was expecting fun, a lot of outings and financial benefits. I have been amazed, instead of fun. I got edutainement and a lot of educational outings. I have learned a lot about our culture from my mentor and about the workplace and university life She is like the big sister I've never had. She inspires me a lot and i would like to be like her one day"

 Hope Chiluba  (Anneline’s mentee) : "Having a mentor is a very great experience especially when your mentor can understand you and give you advice.  My mentor is great. We don't talk a lot because we are both busy. But when we get time to contact each other, it is great”. 

Vuyisa between his mentees, Lonwabo, Keneilwe and Ayanda

Vuyisa  Sobayeni  (Barclays bank): I found that the experience was enriching for me in terms of the social development aspect of it. It was great to see the relationship grow with the kids; from hardly having anything to speak about in the beginning to sharing ecstatic laughs in recent months.
The one thing I did not foresee was how consuming the experience would be. Given the opportunity to go back, I would not take on as many mentees.

Keneilwe Langa : We respect each other, as a father would guide his child and everything that he has said, I have taken into consideration (Keneilwe is now in second year doing a diploma in accountancy at UJ)

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